Organizations, meet Collaborative Membership Management

MemberHub is Collaborative Membership Management or CMM. What is CMM? Well, it’s a lot of things. It’s a new space. It’s a new type of internet application. It’s related to the online membership management market and it’s similar to already crowded group communication tools market. CMM is both. More specifically it combines the best of both worlds into one solution. It’s

Collaborative Membership Management combines online membership management with group communication tools to help connect member-driven organizations AND their members. Notice that I didn’t say WITH their members. You see there are many membership database applications available to help organizations keep track of their members, but they don’t directly benefit the members. CMM and specifically MemberHub empowers member-driven organizations to manage their members but it also empowers them to connect all the sub-groups in the organization with the use of online member “hubs”.

I am starting a series of posts that will continue to define CMM and how MemberHub addresses specific needs and concerns for all types of organizations. We will be launching our promotional website very soon and it will do a much better job of explaining not only what CMM is, but also what MemberHub is, what the benefits are and how we are creating a the premier online tool for enhanced organizational communication and membership management.