Organize Your Groups

Are your groups organized? What are your ministries, small groups and other teams in your church using to handle the logistics, planning and coordination that makes each group tick? What about  your volunteers? Does your group communications remind you of this closet?


For many groups, it’s like this:

  • One person maintains an email list (likely an email group in their mail client)
  • Other members must dig for an old email to find the entire list to start a new thread
  • People are keeping an array of emails locally that contain important information
  • Each person has an outdated version of an important document
  • Each person is responsible for remembering events and keeping their calendar
  • Some people miss events
  • One person remembers to send everyone reminders to events

Here’s what it can be like for those groups:

  • Each person can send a message to the entire group, quickly and easily
  • No one has to maintain that list, all the members are always in it
  • All discussions that take place in the group are preserved
  • A file repository contains the latest version of shared documents
  • As people add calendar events everyone is notified via email
  • Members are automatically reminded of events with emails and text messaging
  • Members can be reached instantly with text messaging to cell phones

Ah…each compartment (group), organized and all in the same place. Eureka!


Does this sound nice? Do your groups have this now? What are you using? Will you try MemberHub and let us know what you think? If you’re using MemberHub now, will you share you feedback with us?