What Does “Parent Engagement” Mean To You?

The other day, my wife dropped off our daughter at a playdate. I was the one in charge of picking her up.

“Do you know where they live?” Anne Elizabeth asked me.

“I think so,” I said [bluffing]. “Pretty sure, anyway.”

“Okay,” Anne said. “Text me if you need to.”

Of course, when it came time to pick up my daughter, I realized I had no clue whatsoever where her friend’s house was. I thought about swallowing my pride and texting her.

I had my phone in my hand, in fact, when I remembered: The complete school directory, which includes everyone’s home address, is instantly accessible from the MemberHub iPhone app, so I was all set. Pride spared, daughter successfully retrieved, done and done.

I wanted to share this story with you for a few different reasons:

1. As a reminder of all the great ways MemberHub can help you out (I figured that if I, the co-founder of MemberHub, forgot from time to time, it was reasonable to assume that you might, too!).

2. To encourage you to check out and download our app, if you haven’t already done so.

3. To talk a little bit about parent engagement, and hopefully get your ideas in the comments.

You see, all of us involved parents tend to think of “parent engagement” as an integral part of our children’s education – which it is. We want to know what’s going on in our children’s lives, and at their schools, and it’s important to us to be as involved as we can. We love talking to teachers, and each other, to share ideas and successes and synergies.

But parent engagement is also more logistical nuts-and-bolts, too. We can’t, for example, volunteer to chaperone the field trip if we don’t know when the field trip is. We can’t  share that great photo from the concert if we don’t have everyone’s contact information. We waste a whole lot of time trying to remember whether our kid’s friend has moved since the publication of the printed school directory.

At MemberHub, we’re always trying to enhance parent engagement at both the “exchange of ideas” level and the “exchange of information” level.

And it got me to thinking: What does parent engagement mean to you personally? And why is it important to you?

Would love to get your thoughts in the comments!