New: Photo Albums Come to the iPhone App

We have released a new version of the MemberHub iPhone app. Version 2.5 is all about access to photo albums!

Update your iPhone app to this latest version and you can:

  • Create new photo albums
  • Upload photos from your library or camera
  • Add photos to existing albums
  • View all photo albums in a your hubs
  • View individual photos and swipe to previous/next photo
  • Save individual photos to your phone
  • Add comments to photos
  • Change photo album cover
  • Swipe to delete photo albums

I hope you enjoy this new feature and I truly hope it serves to help strengthen community and communication at your school or organization.

As always we’d LOVE to hear your feedback. We understand that the iPhone app is still lacking access to some important features like Signups and we’re working hard to get those features to you soon.

Let me know what you think!