Photo Galleries Come To MemberHub!

Soccer player ADK carries the ballAre you the parent at the soccer games with the nice camera that takes all the pictures? Or maybe the one guy in your outreach ministry that consistently remembers to bring along a camera to capture the work your doing to spread the gospel. How do you share your pictures with your group? You might think about using Facebook, but not everyone’s on Facebook, so they can’t participate in sharing and commenting. Sure you can use a picture sharing service, that’s nice too. But what if you could upload the photos to the same place where the other parents and members are having online discussions and where the calendar lives? The same place where you go to see each others contact information, share forms, communicate, coordinate and stay connected! Yes, you guessed it, hubs now have fully functional photo albums.

Here some details about photo albums:

  1. By default, members can comment on photos.
  2. Drag-n-drop functionality will allow you to select and upload multiple pictures at a time.
  3. Status bars clearly indicate your upload status.
  4. Like iPhoto on the Mac, you can select a photo from the album to be the cover for the photo album.
  5. Large photos will maintain a maximum length and width of 1600 x 1600. This is still large enough for other members to download and print a reasonable 4×6″ print.
  6. Hub administrators can edit permissions for Photos just like any other hub feature.

With photo albums in hubs you can now confidently share photos in a safe and secure manner. It’s a logical alternative to uploading images one at a time into the Files repository. Keep in mind that you have to have javascript turned on and allow java applets to run on your computer.

Enjoy and please tell us what you think! You can leave a comment here or visit