Pimp My Hub: Online Family Directories


This is the final installment in our short series on Family Members in MemberHub. I hope that you’ve found these posts informative and I hope that you’ll consider bringing your entire church or organization on board to take advantage of the family-oriented hubs feature! Start here for a recap of this series. Nuff said already, how do we set up a family hub?


I kid you not when I say that it takes less than 10 seconds to convert your hub into a family oriented hub. If you are an administrator, click on the Hub Settings button and you will land on the General tab. Scroll to the bottom and find the new Members Listing section. Select “Group by family” and don’t forget to click Save Changes.


One thing to keep in mind is the experience your members will have when joining your hub. We’ve made it pretty easy for you to handle this. There is a new option on the Joins tab underneath the Hub Settings button that will change the way members join your hubs. It’s imperative that you “Allow” or “Encourage” users to join family members (see above screen shot). Okay you’re done! End of post. Kidding. But that’s all it takes. Let’s continue to look at options surrounding this new feature and what happens when you turn it on.

family-listingThe Members page in the hub will now show the family picture. The adults are listed and then underneath will be children. Members can then click on the family name and see an expanded view of the family. A larger version of the the family picture and a link to each family member profile will allow hub members to view the picture, contact information and bio for each person in that family. The first image in this post is screenshot of what that looks like.

You may be asking what happens if you have an existing hub for which you want to turn on the family grouping and what happens as families change? In other words, how do members control which of their family members are in the hub? Family administrators can then easily add and remove their family members from a hub on the Personal Settings tab underneath the Hub Settings button.


Create a living, breathing, online, private member community where families can come together and connect. Your members can learn about each other, communicate and collaborate. Did I mention it’s online and in a private environment? In the very near future we believe that all churches will have some version of an online member community and it needs to represent real life. It will be crucial to have the concept of a family in these communities. Your printed family directory is already out of date so what are you waiting for?

That is about it. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any specific questions. We always deliver an implementation plan and sample instructions to help new customers get comfortable with and successfully deploy an online community with their members. In addition to this we can make available sample instructions that you can provide your members to ensure that they set up their family correctly and join your new family hubs.