Release Notes 1/22/09

Below is the release notes for MemberHub’s January 22, 2009 release. It’s been a while since we’ve posted release notes for MemberHub. We want to continue to make our changes, updates and fixes known to our users. Remember, these features are automatically available in MemberHub now and you don’t have to do a thing in order to get these changes. This release was mainly about the new Help screens. 
  • Add note about Hub Overview below hub navigation
  • Revamp Help Documentation
  • Tweak content on you-just-created-a-hub-screen
  • Allow an organization admin to remove people from the organization
  • Add text message tip on announcements index
  • Update invitations to include a “New to MemberHub” paragraph
  • Add a helpful tip on the dashboard to encourage users to create new/free hubs
  • Put the Hub Owner selection dropdown on the Create a New Hub screen
  • When a user creates a post or comment on the discussion board by sending and e-mail they should receive a copy of the message
  • Turn experimental features off for normal users, allow specific orgs to use them
  • Allow an organization admin to add people to a hub from the people screen
  • Updated copyright
  • Update the Welcome to MemberHub message to include a link to the New Users Guide, and is dismissable
  • Update the organization overview welcome message to be dismissable