Release Notes 8/28/09

We’ve been listening to you and have made some important improvements at We do appreciate everyone’s feedback. It only helps us improve for all users.

  • When you create a new hub under an organization form the Hubs tab, you will now be given the option of simultaneously making yourself a member of the hub or an administrator for the hub.
  • There was a little confusion over links at the top of each screen. The ‘Calendar’ link is now labeled ‘Your Calendar’ and the ‘Family’ link is now labeled ‘Your Family’.
  • In the Hub Settings tabs, we discovered that after making edits, users could inadvertently navigate away from the page without clicking the [Save Changes] button. will now prompt you with a popup when you navigate away from the page after making any changes.
  • The Five Day Calendar on Your Dashboard calendar now uses the Calendar Preferences set on Your Calendar.
  • We have made it easier for you to get the help you need and provide feedback. There is now a link on the far right near the top of every page in the application that reads “Help & Support”. Clicking on that button will launch this form:help support
  • We have administrators that want members be able to see each other’s email address in member profiles. There is now a checkbox on the “Profiles” tab in “Hub Settings” that is labeled “E-mail Address”. By checking this box, when your members view the profiles of other members in your organization, they will see the members email address. This box is checked by default.
  • If one of your members has an email address that is undeliverable all discussions and announcements that are sent to that member ‘bounce’ back to We now forward those emails on to administrators so that you may take action to contact your member and have them enter a proper email address in their profile.

Thanks again and please, we encourage you to use the new Help & Support button on the right-hand side. As the button suggests, you can get help and share with us suggestions or how much you think we rock!