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If you’re a room parent at your child’s school, you know how hard it is to keep track of everything and everyone you’re responsible for! I certainly do as I help my wife out with her official room parent responsibilities that she volunteers for every year.

We like to think that MemberHub is a valuable tool in your arsenal in this respect, and hopefully the most valuable – but we’re obviously not the only one.

Here’s a list of free resources for room parents that can help you with your efforts to stay involved, stay organized, and stay on top of everything.

By the way, we’re not affiliated with any of them; we just think they could be useful to you.

We’ll be adding to our list periodically, so bookmark this page and check back often! And dads, don’t let the “room mom” titles below fool you – they’re good resources for you, too.

Room Mom 101: Ideas for fun classroom activities, as well as resources for room parents and teachers.

Room Mom 4 You: Provides a general overview of the responsibilities of room parenting, as well as tips for making the job easier, more effective, and more enjoyable.

Parent Resource Center Guide: Provided by Palm Beach County, this guide is specifically created for Parent Resource Centers in Title I schools but is chock-full of info and ideas that can help any school looking to increase parent involvement and engagement.

Room Parent Resources from the Worthington PTA: Includes sample letters that can be adapted as needed (donation solicitation letters, teacher appreciation week, etc.).

Room Parent information from Beachside Montessori Village: Very detailed site with room parent guidelines, responsibilities, forms, and sample crafts.

eHow: How To Be A Room Parent: Lists suggested “instructions” for being a room parent, as well as tips on what your child’s teacher needs most from you as a room parent.

Room Parent Resource Guide from Almaden Country School: Helpful templates you can adapt for your own school, including room parent duties, best practices, budget planning, sign-up sheets, and more.

Room Parent Resources from The International School: Includes an informational handout from veteran room parents, as well as tips and resources you can adapt for use at your school.

Room Parent Resources from the Marquez Charter School: Interesting ideas regarding parent self-nomination and “Grade Level Champions.”

Room Mom’s Survival Guide: Free ebook that includes party ideas, room parent letters, checklists, and more.

wikiHow: How To Be An Effective Room Parent: Lists 6 steps for success, as well as tips for maintaining good relationships with teachers.

Room Mom Spot: Class party ideas, games, classroom resource, gift ideas, and more.

The Room Parent: Interesting essay from a former room parent.

Top 10 Tips for Room Moms: Simple yet often-overlooked strategies for success, with links to other resources on teacher gifts, chaperone tips, and more.

Making School More Father-Friendly: Tips for making dads feel more welcome in the classroom.

Fathers in Schools: How Dads Make a Difference: Ways to help fathers connect beyond back-to-school night and parent/teacher conferences.

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