School Communication Series – Part 4: Putting it All Together (with a special offer)

We hope you’ve enjoyed our special School Communication Series over the past 3 weeks! In case you’ve missed any installments, here’s a recap:

  • In Part 1, we explained why it’s so important to make effective, systematized communications with parents a priority at your school.
  • In Part 2, we discussed how to conduct an accurate assessment of your current status, and how to prioritize your next steps.
  • In Part 3, we covered how to start taking action on your communication plan – finding champions, overcoming objections, and more.

Actually taking action, of course, is the hardest part of any new initiative. And we want you to succeed. Which is why this week, as a thank-you for following along with us, we’re offering you a special package to help get you started.

Our exclusive MemberHub Kick-Start includes all of the following:

  • A no-risk, 30-day trial of MemberHub at your school – you don’t even need to give us a credit card!
  • A one-hour consulting call with me. If you’ve got online school communication or software/tech questions, I’ve got answers. And if you think you need a whole new school website, well, I can help you out with that, too. ($150 value)
  • A customized analysis (an actual report we’ll email you) of your current school website – my team and I will look at your design, how easily you can be found online, and if your site is optimized for Google search results. ($200 value) 
Plus, if you love MemberHub (and we know you will) and you sign up for a paid subscription before the end of August, we’ll also throw in a free implementation package – free setup, orientation calls, staff training calls, transfer over of your existing school directory info, and more. This is an $800 value, and it’s yours absolutely free.

It’s an incredible deal – but you need to take action now! The MemberHub Kick-Start will only be available until 6 pm Eastern next Wednesday, August 6th.

Look, we’re putting this deadline on the MemberHub Kick-Start for a few reasons:

  1. Early August is the ideal time to get your school communication plan lined up before the crush of back-to-school. We want you to be ready when your doors open for the fall semester.
  2. As I mentioned above, we really, really want you to succeed, and we’ve found that deadlines spur people into taking action.
  3. I can handle only so many personal consulting calls before I start talking gibberish!

If you sign up for a MemberHub trial plan after August 6th, we’ll still be very happy to serve you, but we can’t offer you all of the extra goodies of the Kick-Start. So take action and sign up now!

Yes, sign me up for the Kick-Start Package!
There’s seriously nothing to lose!

Questions? Comments? Just email us, or leave ’em in the comments, and we’ll get back to you right away.