12 Common School Website Mistakes – Our Newest eBook

How’s your school website looking these days?

Seriously – we really want to know. Chances are, you may not have a clue, even if you look at your school website almost every day. The problem is that when we get familiar with something, we stop really seeing it.

Also, in the case of your school website, you probably look at it from the same one or two devices all the time. If you’re always on your desktop, for example, you don’t know how that website looks on an iPad…or an iPhone…or an Android device.

But your parents and prospective parents do, and it’s possible that you’re not showing your school off to best advantage.

Did you know, for example, that Flash animation doesn’t show up at all on Apple devices? So that jaunty little video or graphic you’ve put together may just be showing up as one of those little Xs or unhappy faces – not good at all.

So go ahead and take a good, hard look at your school website with fresh eyes. (Go ahead – we’ll wait!) Even better, have a friend look it over and have that person give you his or her honest impressions. If you don’t yet have a school website, of course, well, you know where you stand.

eBook Cover School WebsitesIt should go without saying that your school website is the single most important investment in marketing and engagement that you can make, bar none. Not to mention the most effective way of keeping parents, staff, students, and administrators in the loop. But too often, the project falls on that endless list of important-but-not-urgent tasks that just never seem to get done.

We want to change all that and give you the school website of your dreams – one that engages and informs current and prospective families alike. Which is why we’ve got a brand-new eBook for you, hot off the presses: 

12 Common School Website Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

In it, you’ll learn:

  • Why “DIY” is almost always a bad idea when it comes to building a school website
  • The very common mistake that many older school websites share—and why it can hurt both your image and your search rankings
  • Which technology looks fine (most of the time) on laptops and desktops but doesn’t work at all on mobile devices
  • How the power of storytelling can make your school website stand out from all others in your area
  • Why testimonials are worth their weight in gold to prospective parents—and how to obtain and present them effectively
  • How often you should be updating your school website
  • Two audiences you need to consider as you create your school website—they have very different needs, but you can’t afford to overlook either
  • The final thing you must do before your site goes live to the world
  • And more!

Don’t miss it – grab your copy today! Also, stay in touch over the next few weeks, when we’ll be providing you some insider tips on your website as a marketing tool, the power of storytelling, how to assess your SEO, and much more.