How selling PTA memberships in MemberHub saves you time and money

Your time is valuable as a PTA leader! Here’s how selling PTA memberships in your MemberHub store saves time and money.

1. Eliminate data entry and manual state reporting.

When families buy PTA memberships in your MemberHub store, the member data is automatically and accurately reported to your state, saving you time and reducing errors. This is a no-hassle way to report required member data to your state PTA every year.

Three steps to quickly start selling memberships in your store

You can also remit state dues electronically. Here’s how to send state dues with one click in your MemberHub account.

2. Stop printing and mailing PTA membership cards to every person.

When people buy memberships in your MemberHub store, everyone gets an emailed receipt with an electronic membership card. So, you can take printing and mailing cards off your list.

3. Grow PTA membership and raise more money (with little extra effort).

In your store, you can create custom and bundled membership types (like family memberships, special promotions, and tiered-pricing packages), while still automatically reporting the standard member types to the state.

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What real parents say:

“For us at Millbrook High School, the efficiency and ease of online membership was a key driver in growing our membership in 2017-18. WAY. LESS. PAPER … and no manual data entry! We had laptops set up during schedule walkthrough, and included our membership link in the weekly principal’s message so families could access whenever, and from wherever — to join and support our PTSA! Data quality was also improved because people were putting in their own email/phone info instead of us trying to read it from a form. I mean – this is FREE software for our PTSA to use — we could not have asked for a better first year!”

— Jodi Bulmer, PTSA membership chair