New Feature: Send Event Reminders To Select Members

Hey there! We wanted to announce a new feature that I know many of you will be very exited about. It’s going to help organizers communicate about service opportunities and upcoming events MUCH more relevant and organized.

As you likely know, whenever an event is added to a calendar, the event can be scheduled to automatically send a reminder to ALL the members of the group. One reminder can be delivered via email and a separate reminder can be delivered via text message….and this reminder goes to ALL members in the hub.

However, now when you click one of these boxes to send a reminder you will see a new option to send the reminders to only select members in the hub. Simply check the box beside each member’s name and only those members will receive the scheduled reminders.

We know that the Calendar feature and it’s automatic event reminders serves as the backbone for 1000’s of ministries, committee, teams and groups and this enhancement is going to help event coordinators not only communicate effectively with their groups but it’s also going to cut down on extra and unfortunately frivolous, emails that many of you are currently receiving.

Of course you can go back and edit any of your existing events to take advantage of this new enhancement.
Enjoy and thanks for using MemberHub!
Watch this 1-minute video to learn more!