Should Preschools Post Images of Children Online?

Kid on phone in the playgroundIn a society where staying connected is of the upmost importance, where do you draw the line of privacy and safety when it comes to posting pictures online? Digital sharing has seeped through the generations from teens to moms to teachers, and as a result is affecting the children of today. When should preschools post adorable pictures of the kids at school, and when can it turn into a threat to their safety?

Preschools, churches and nonprofits, like almost all businesses, have entered the social media world in order to drive business and facilitate communication. In order to produce an interesting profile, they too, must make status posts, friend active users, and even upload photos; so what is a preschool posting photos of? Should they?

Where Should Teachers Draw the Line?

My purpose in asking these questions is not to condemn the use of social media, but to pose the question, where do you draw the line in concern for children? How do teachers know where to draw that line?

The emotional need to share and interact with others is a basic human necessity, and  we should have the right to fulfill this need safely. Parents want to see pictures of their kids at school and teachers to want to share, but is Facebook or Flickr the right place to do this? Although Facebook claims to be a private portal, national news has shattered this façade through horror stories of privacy concerns. This is often a big motivator for many of our customers who need to share photos in a private and secure manner.

So, in reference to the safety and privacy of the lives of children, where do we draw the line when it comes to posting images online? Tell us what you and think and please leave a comment below!

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