Social Media Director: Does Your Church Need One?

One of the most common questions with regards to implementing social media objectives at churches, nonprofits and associations is “Whose responsibility is it?”. Should the IT people do it? After all, they know how all this techy stuff works. What about marketing/communication? They are in control of our “messaging” and “branding”. What about the leaders in the organization? They should do it because they reflect the vision and heartbeat of the organization.

The truth is most social media experts will suggest that all staff members at your organization should have social media as part of his/her daily tasks. Social media should be used at all levels of the organization.

Earlier today, during the free M2Live webinar, Cynthia Ware (a well-respected church technology consultant) suggested that churches should appoint a Social Media Director. Someone that is responsible for laying out the plan for your church’s use of social media. I for one think this is a great idea! Here’s why:

  • Every church should have a social media policy for their staff. This person is responsible for that.
  • This person is also responsible for all social media strategy. What should Facebook be used for? What should it NOT be used for. Will you use Twitter? What is the PLAN? Who responds to ridiculous comments on your Facebook page? Should your pastor blog? What is a blog? Should someone wear a Hootsuite?
  • All questions social media related are filtered through this person.
  • This person is responsible for new trends and staying on top of the rapidly-changing landscape that is social media.

Should you hire or does your social media director already exist? What else am I missing? Why is hiring a social media a director a good idea? Why is it a bad idea?