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MemberHub for Organizations is the membership management side of Collaborative Membership Management (CMM). It’s your organization’s membership database. It’s where you keep track of your members, manage custom information about them and eventually it’s where you’ll be able to set up dues billing, donations, registrations and even fundraising. Having access to this information from anywhere you have an internet connection and being able to create online hubs for each sub-group in your organization are compelling reasons enough to sign up for your free 30-day trial right now. But here are are few more benefits to consider:

  • Manage and track membership data in a secure, online database
  • Track member involvement, interests and status
  • Keep members updated with automatic event reminders 
  • Communicate instantly with your members using streamlined, easy-to-use email and text messaging tools
  • Get your members communicating and encourage creativity
  • Manage program and event registrations online in addition to collecting dues, pledges and donations (coming soon!)
Another great benefit is this: Get custom software built to your needs! Your input, ideas and needs for software will be heard. We are looking to the organizations that sign up early to help us prioritize new features and generally give us feedback as we continue to enhance MemberHub Organizations.
So if you’re new to MemberHub then signup and get started with your trial. If you’re already using MemberHub and have a free hub, you can get started by clicking the New Org button on your Dashboard. What are you waiting for?