The Obligatory Twitter Post

Like a-bazillion others, around the world, I want to share my experience with Twitter. I’m really impressed with its usefulness thus far. I think it has far-reaching implications for all types of people, organizations, causes and relationships. New benefits are being revealed every day and they can be realized by churches, non-profits and all types of organizations! I haven’t really started my Twitter usage in earnest yet. I have 46 followers…whoop-de-do (I don’t know how to spell that). I have a feeling that the growth of MemberHub has much to do with how well we’re able to embrace internet marketing, social media and in particular Twitter. I want to share with others my experience along the way with Twitter so that others can see just what it’s able to do for MemberHub.

Here at MemberHub we are just now learning how to use social media and are ramping up our internet marketing campaign. Frank Reed, an SMB social media guru, has encouraged us to use all the social media marketing weapons available. Millee and I have both started to follow people on Twitter and take advantage of the “after-market” tools availble to really make Twitter work for you. We want to follow, learn from and ultimately contribute to the church technology and non-profits industry. Particularly, how can churches, small-groups, and assoications benefit from using technology to centralize, organize and unite staff AND members.

So…using Twollo, Millee is now following 353 people as of today at 3:00pm EST. Just yesterday, she started following a Christian Educator in Texas who has many connections to pastors and the faith-based community. Well he saw that Millee was following him on Twitter. For those of you who don’t know, when someone begins to follow you on Twitter, you get an e-mail notification with a link to the follower’s profile. This gentleman helps pastors implement a discipleship process that embraces the importance of small-groups within the church. Well upon viewing Millee’s profile in Twitter he learned that she was on the MemberHub team and went to our website. He then noticed our emphasis on connecting multiple small-groups and providing membership managment and decided that he’d contact us. 

Millee and I called him and there really appears to be a great opportunity for us to partner and provide value-added service for our clients. It was so encouraging and the opportunity to help this fellow and the pastors that he consults with is really exciting! I’ll let you know how it goes.

I am also impressed today by a Church Technology Evangelist by the name of Anthony Coppedge. I started following Anthony a few days ago because of our similar interest in technology and churches. Today he posted a tweet (a message in Twitter) to all his followers saying that he needed to do some brainstorming.

Then a few minutes later Anthody posted another tweet providing a link to a live audio and video chat room using Unfortunately I missed the chat, but in less than 15 minutes he was able to announce and begin a real live chat with people that share similar interests and concerns over the church technology industry and brainstorm with colleagues that he’s never met (presumably). That is REAL cool! I’m going to sit in on the next one and try to learn from him and others in this space. Maybe I’ll even be able to contribute. Anthony is about to launch an E-Book titled “The Reason Your Church Must Use Twitter”.

I’m looking forward to that book and have begun to formulate thoughts on how church pastors in particular really need to use Twitter.