The Reason Why Your Nonprofit Strategies Fail


I’m not quite special enough to have a one-word post, so I’ll elaborate a little bit. I am 100% certain that if the people in your organization do not learn how to effectively communicate, then your strategy will fail. So what does this mean? Here are few questions you can ask yourself.

Are you communicating to your members?

Do your members know your organization’s mission? Your purpose? If you have a mission statement, can they repeat it? Are you sharing your plans and strategies? What about your thoughts? You have so many people in your community and you’ll need them to pull off your strategy. Talk to them, make sure you’re painting a clear picture for your members. There are a vast number of tools to use for this (follow up post).

Do your members have an easy way to communicate with each other?

You have this big community…members, constituents, followers. Whatever they are if they’re gonna help they need to talk too. Are they communicating and sharing ideas? Do they even know how to reach each other?

Are you encouraging your team and your members to actually speak?

This piggy backs off the last one, but  as the leader of your organization you need to encourage your ministries, committee’s teams and groups to communicate with each other. You need to empower them to make a difference. What are their impediments? Remove them.

What else have I missed? Please leave a comment. I know you have something to share.