Track Custom Information From Your Members

We’ve made a long overdue enhancement to our Custom Fields feature. Administrators can create custom data fields on profile records in their organization and now…they can have their members fill out that information themselves when they update their profile.

Anytime a person joins your MemberHub portal for the fist time, they are prompted to complete their profile. Up to this point, it’s been the basic correspondence information like address and phone numbers. But now administrators can gather whatever information they desire by prompting people to fill out this data for them. You can create Date fields, Checkboxes, Dropdown, Numeric, Multiline and Text boxes to gather additional information. Of course members can always access their Profile and update that information anytime they want.

Trinity Custom Fields

This custom fields data can now also be configured such that they are viewable on the Profile records in the member directory. So now, whether viewing a fellow member’s profile in the directory or in a hub, the organization’s custom fields data (that has been configured to be viewable to everyone) will be viewable below all the basic profile information.

Custom Fields in the Directory

Cool, How Do I Set This Up?

There are now three checkboxes on the custom field add/edit screen. If administrators choose for the field to be viewable to the member then they can now go on to decide if that custom field can be editable by the member (on the member’s profile) and even further decide to make the custom field viewable to everyone in the organization through viewing member profiles in the member directory.

Custom Fields in MemberHub

Lastly, administrators, dont’ forget that you can always export your member data to spreadsheet. Any custom data that you store on the profile records will be exported too. The link to export you database is the bottom of the People table in the Admin Console