Tweets of the Week 5/11/09

twitter_bird21Many of you know @milleemassey. For those of you that follow her on Twitter, you’re already well aware of her knack for sorting through 100’s of  tweets and finding those nuggets of goodness that deserve to be passed on and retweeted. For MemberHub customers you may just know her as the friendly account representative that answers all your questions.

Either way, check out the tweets that she shared last week. You’re sure to find a link or two in here that you must read!

  1. Simplified Missional Living – great reminders!

  2. RT @cfcs: Good article: 25 Must Read Social Media Marketing Tips

  3. RT @markchowell: New today: What Are 5 Areas You Must Tweak in Your Small Group System?

  4. Developing Leaders in the Church and the World …

  5. Where are the Problem Spots on Your Website’s Home Page?

  6. Stop-and-Go Ministry …. – “To impact the world, however, God requires the Church to stop and go.”

  7. Strangers and Friends… “that the most powerful win is when your friends tell their friends about you”//

  8. “…make room…we will soon forget what unsynthesized and unsanitized worship sounds like.” – thx @bencotten

  9. RT @maclake: Model Leader – ” Who is a model leader you have seen lately?” ….

  10. The New Traditional Church: Music …”Remember the days when the only worship music was hymns?” – good stuff!
  11. RT @memberhub: Hey folks, memberhub is now tweeting :). Have you checked out the new website yet? – COOL 🙂

  12. Culture Test – What Makes A Great Staff?“Most likely, your church spends 45-55% of its resources on human capital”

  13. Interesting Post… “Shuttle Bus Equality”

  14. “The worst thing a leader can do is rest on the achievements of the past or on the title of position.”

  15. How To Get 1,000 RSS Subscribers in Less Than a Year …

  16. Assigning Responsibility To Projects within an Organization …

  17. When things seem to be falling apart God is actually arranging things so we will see who He is & recog HIM as our source! (via @duff85710)

  18. 3 Ways Companies Sabotage Their SEO Investment –

  19. Twitter Launches Enhanced New Follower E-mails –

  20. The Fourth “D” … destiny –

  21. 3 New Search Tools to find Research Data, Statistics, Answers – –

  22. “How to properly maintain your home appliances: Refrigerators, air conditioners, more!! ” Always good to know…

  23. The Good News Series …. Challenge for church planters?!

  24. Track Your Church’s Online Stats – –

  25. “Are you in a season of delay?” …. The third “D” –

  26. RT @sharonhayes: Simple Ways to Show Kindness Online – WOW! (via @mitchm)

  27. Excellent post & great reminder….Tortoise and The Hare Principle of Organizational Growth –

  28. Good stuff… “Leaders are not normal.”

  29. Ignoring social media may be hazardous…

  30. How to Choose the Best Keywords for Optimized Public Relations –

  31. “77% of people trust organizations less than they did did last year. People trust People.” (via @thebrandbuilder)

  32. “There’s something powerful about uncertainty” //good stuff

  33. RT @mattharrell: Talk about value: Check out @milleemasseyTweets of the Week on the MemberHub blog //Thx Matt!

  34. The Second “D” … “To pursue your dream, at some point, you’ll likely have to take an aggressive step…”

  35. RT @dawnnicole: Last day!! If everyone donates $5-10 we can make a huge difference :: – REALLY cool stuff!

  36. Micro Churches Put Spin on House-Church Concept ….