Tweets of the Week 5/21/09

twitter_bird21Many of you know @milleemassey. For those of you that follow her on Twitter, you’re already well aware of her knack for sorting through 100’s of  tweets and finding those nuggets of goodness that deserve to be passed on and retweeted. For MemberHub customers you may just know her as the friendly account representative that answers all your questions.

Either way, check out the tweets that she shared last week. You’re sure to find a link or two in here that you must read!
  1. “Tinker will show you relevant real-time convos. from social media sources like Facebook and Twitter” Heard of it?
  2. ‘As Seen on TV’: Marketing Ideas Gleaned from Infomercials –
  3. The Next Generation and Changing Suburban Schools:
  4. RT @brandonacox: Why Content and Social Media are a Powerful Match
  5. Speaking and Presenting- Your Next Actions: // you presenting any time soon? great advice here!
  6. “… churches are beginning to feel the recession’s squeeze on the offering dollars that people place in the plate.”
  7. DOG sized or GOD sized Faith? – Love it!!
  8. Patience and Prayer: “What are you struggling to “take one step at a time” …?” So true…can be applied to life!
  9. RT @human3rror: Just Read : Keep it Simple Stupid (and Obvious) :… //
  10. Churches, Nonprofits & Associations – How many communication tools are you using?
  11. What Not to Do in Connection Card Ministry:
  12. Two halves of the value fraction //
  13. “how often do you repeat your vision to people within your organization?”
  14. Is Voicemail Dead? // Do you agree?
  15. A29 Bootcamp Sessions: Influence: Multiplying Leaders on Mission for the Gospel //
  16. Interesting: Coast Guard Commandant Hearts Social Media //
  17. “Cool is No Longer Cool” – – “The American Church is not lacking for “cool” pastors”….
  18. RT @ifeelgod: Influence: Connecting with People | GiANT Impact
  19. “Life is too short to waste. Dreams are fulfilled only through action, not through endless planning to take action.” (via@mikehanes)
  20. RT @human3rror: Just Read : The ‘Pastor’ Effect in Social Media :… //
  21. My Church Manifesto … cultural shift in the church? – good stuff, thoughts?