Tweets of the Week 6/1/2009

twitter_bird21Check out the tweets from @milleemassey last week. Whether you’re involved with a church, nonprofit, association or generally looking for valuable information you’re sure to find a link or two in here that you must read!

  1. The Value of an Active, Simple To-Do List: // great reminder!
  2. 5 Best Practices to Maximize Your Participation in a Twitter Chat:
  3. MemberHub’s Latest Feature Release: Collaborate with Whiteboards!!
  4. 16 Boring but Important Ways to Make Your Business More Social –
  5. Is marketing an art or a science?
  6. Church Layoffs: Reduction in Force, Not Reduction in Faith –
  7. How much time is WASTE D on Social Networks? – chk out MemberHub, a private place to do business & enhance communication
  8. Tribute to Small Group Leaders: // Small grp leaders, what are you using to keep your group connected & communicating?
  9. Changing the Scorecard – “For many churches, it’s time to “redefine the win.”
  10. Share your pictures!! Photo Galleries Come To MemberHub:
  11. Is your church sticky and magnetic?
  12. Check out latest blog & learn a little about MemberHub and our team!!