Tweets of the Week

twitter_bird21Many of you know @milleemassey. For those of you that follow her on Twitter, you’re already well aware of her knack for sorting through 100’s of  tweets and finding those nuggets of goodness that deserve to be passed on and retweeted. For MemberHub customers you may just know her as the friendly account representative that answers all your questions.
Either way, check out the tweets that she shared last week. You’re sure to find a link or two in here that you must read!
  1. Controlling Web Site Creates More Success, Reach –
  2. Churches: Using the Internet to be on Mission, Disciple and Create Community –
  3. RT @MartyCauley: 5 Steps to CLEAR communication!
  4. good stuff – Unlearning Discipleship…
  5. The Process of Leaving Church –
  6. RT @jcfluhr: interesting survey on why people leave the church or change churches….
  7. Role Reversal In Technology And Church –
  8. How To Recover From Painful Mistakes and Failures …
  9. Living in a Transparent World –
  10. RT @OnlineDisciples: New blog post: Acorns, Oak Trees, and Online Community
  11. 25 Must Read Social Media Marketing Tips –
  12. Ignoring Advice Can Be Costly –
  13. The 5 Eras of Social Networking and What the Church Should Do About Them –
  14. Risks of Rapid Church Growth –
  15. @jasonarredondo: “Our entire small group was in sync when it came time to meet” – so glad you are enjoying MemberHub!!
  16. Creating Social Media Outposts –
  17. Check it out!! The new MemberHub product tour:
  18. New & Improved MemberHub website/home page – check it out … way to go team 🙂
  19. Teachability Is A Must –
  20. “Blogging Has Come a Long Way”
  21. Inside the Minds of Twitter Users:
  22. RT @dawnnicole: God will never ask why you weren’t more like someone else. Stop comparing. -rick warren #catwest
  23. Marketing the Church or Your Church?
  24. “4 Business Lessons” – good stuff!