Twitter Chat on How to Use Technology for Parent Engagement

Early childhood learning programs thrive when teachers and parents collaborate. Getting parents engaged and involved at your school is challenging and that’s why ECE leaders are coming together on Twitter Wednesday night at 9:00pm ET to discuss this topic. You should join the conversation. Here’s the deal.

The conversation is going to take place on a Twitter chat with the hashtag of #ECEtechCHAT. Fran Simon (the host of these Twitter chats) provides some guiding questions for the discussion Wednesday night:

1) Parent engagement and involvement are very different. What role does technology play in connecting with parents? What is the role of social media? What about other tools?

2) How do you use or envision technology being used to engage and involve parents?

3) What do you do to narrow the digital divide for parents/families?

4) What are the best applications (that means Internet systems as well as apps),devices, and processes for engaging and involving parents?

New to Twitter Chats?

Twitter chats are really easy. If you’ve never participated I would go straight to TweetChat and follow their instructions on how to participate in a Twitter chat. TweetChat makes it really simple to participate. Remember, the hashtag is: #ECETechCHAT

Why You Should Participate?

Chats are a great way to connect with smart and influential people . You’re going to come away with a handful of new ideas, new tools to checkout, links to follow and articles to read. You’ll make new friends, increase your Twitter follower count and should you participate and ask questions your name will get mentioned a lot…which is above all…just FUN!

Why I’ll Be There

Using technology to engage parents is exactly what MemberHub is helping an increasing number of preschools and childcare centers across the country (and a few in Europe too) do. This is an important topic and we have a lot to learn too.


See you Wednesday at 9:00pm ET!