View Your Hub Calendars On Your Google Calendar

One of the bigger challenges that small and new churches (and non-profits) face is the ability to have a shared calendar and shared contacts within the organization. Buying a Microsoft Exchange Server just isn’t in the budget. One of the more attractive features (not only because of it’s design) in MemberHub is the powerful calendar that’s found in each hub. You’ve always been able to subscribe to your hub calendars using desktop applications like Apple’s iCal, Mozzila’s Sunbird and more recent versions of Microsoft Outlook.


Below Each Hub Calendar Are Links

This week we deployed a change to calendar feeds in MemberHub that will allow you to subscribe to your hub calendars using a Google calendar. Why is this so powerful? 2 main reasons:

1. Synch you Google Calendar With Any of Your Hub Calendars

Imagine, any time that an event is added to your hub calendar, now it can show up in your Google Calendar. So many folks use Google calendar instead of client based software like iCal and Outloook. Now you have the ability to subscribe to your hub calendars. Here is the help for importing calendars into Google Calendar.

2. Embed Your Google Calendar Into Your Public Website

Imagine your organization has a general purpose hub where all it’s members can add events to the hub. Well if you want to make that calendar visible to anyone in the world, you can use your Google calendar to subscribe to the hub calendar and embed the Google calendar into a public accessible web page. Here is the help for embedding your Google calendar into web pages.

In the future we we hope to give our users the abiltity to embed hub calendars right into public web pages, just like Google calendar. This is a great step in that direction. There are many other benefits to synching hub calendars with Google calendars. Please leave a comment and share other ideas and advantages. Thanks!