Waiting List Software from BumbleBee

BumbleBee LogoHave you ever managed a waiting list? It can be a cumbersome process. Especially when you have complicated rules like priority based on membership status, families or employees, managing a waitlist can be a time-consuming, tree-killing process. Enter BumbleBee Software. It’s billed as childcare waiting list software but it could easily be used for any type of organization that consistently deals with waiting lists.

BumbleBee helps administrators manage the entire waiting list process. From their website:

Managing enrollment is key. From processing applications to providing instant updates for parent phone calls, BumbleBee Childcare Software will help you stay ahead.

Also from the website, BumbleBee helps you:

  • Quickly setup waiting lists using built-in templates
  • Process fees effortlessly
  • Project when an applicant will mature out of a waiting list
  • Setup waitlist priorities
  • Update applicants on their status
  • Keeps applications fresh by scrubbing old reservations
Manage Waitlist

Manage waiting lists with ease. Add your own custom priorities like preferences for siblings or employees.

BumbleBee are Good Peoples

Perhaps the best part of BumbleBee software is the people though. I’ve had multiple conversations with Ben and Jeff, the co-founders and they’re great guys. They’re passionate about building software that’s usable and solves a problem. And they’re doing it for the right reasons.


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