Web Worker Daily Rocks!

rock-n-rollScott Blitstein from Web Worker Daily posted an excellent review of MemberHub back in April. It was a generous write-up and one that really helped bring some exposure to our product. Just yesterday Scott posted a follow up article in response to our new features (Photo Albums and Whiteboards) and subscription model.

In his post, Scott mentions the speed at which web applications are able to develop and launch new features. This is true. In response, I’d like to bring attention to how fast Web Worker Daily is! Within a week of contacting Scott to point him to our new new features, this follow-up post was launched. That’s a fast turn around that only a digital publication such as Web Worker Daily could accomplish.


I’ve grown to really appreciate Web Worker Daily and the content they put out. Yes, because they covered MemberHub, but mainly becuase day in, day out, they pump out reviews and thoughts on new technology and announcments that I would otherwise let slip right by me.

So thanks to all the folks Web Worker Daily…you guys rock!