What I Learned At Catalyst One Day

Catalyst One Day
I’m in Atlanta, GA in the airport thinking about the last 24 hours or so. I attended the Catalyst One Day conference yesterday and I really enjoyed it. To be completely honest, one of my main motivations in going was to try and network with some of the church leader giants and other “movers ‘n shakers” in the church community. Not only I was able to have an extremely insightful breakfast with one the guys on the “inside” this morning, but also I really learned a lot more than just what churches are looking for in software this year. Here are some of the thoughts I took away from my time at North Point Community Church.

You Do NOT Have To Be a Church Leader To Attend

Bottom line: As a Christian business owner, I got real value from this event. Andy and Craig shares lessons and  experiences on how to create and build momentum in any organization you’re in. Yes, much of the content is most applicable to churches, but I learned more than I anticipated about myself and the things I need to do to create a long-lasting successful company. Really good stuff here and lots of take-away materials.

Mega-churches Rock

One of my main interests in attending Catalyst, on a personal note, was that I’ve never been in a Mega-church. Thought and questions flooded my brain:  What would it be like? Would it be overwhelming? Would it be loud? Plus a ton of other questions that I was asking, but I won’t get into them here. While I can’t attest to what it’s like during a Sunday service at North Point, what I can attest to is that their band is good. No, they’re really good. I’ve listened to a lot of  Christian worship music before. This music was good. And the sound was almost better. Props to the guys that run the sound for North Point.

You Can Do More With Less

One of the fundamental philosophies we have with MemberHub is to do less. Less features, less options, less clutter. 37 Signals embraced this concept and so have Craig Groeschel and LifeChurch.tv. They do less programs at their church. We do less features. Don’t try and do everything. Just do what you do – and do it well. More options make it too confusing and less effective, whether you trying to save souls or build software.

Andy Stanely is Funny

Seriously, Andy and Craig are both very funny. I come from a long line of smart-alecs and really appreciated his wittiness. It was almost refreshing to watch him be so authentic and personable up there. You didn’t know what was going to come out next and both of these guys kept me smiling and thinking the whole time. There was a level of comedy there that made the price of admission worth it.

Take Time Off

Just do it. You need to be healthy! You need the rest. I was reminded again how important it is to rest. God rested…nuff said.

Thank God for Navigation Systems

I landed in ATL at 6:50am yesterday. I drove to Alphareatta, GA for the conference. After that I went to Buckhead. I went to the wrong location first then got it right. Last night I drove back to a hotel by the airport. This morning I was up at 6:00am and back in Alpharetta for a breakfast meeting. Then promptly I drove back to the airport where I now sit. I could have labeled this point “Atlanta Traffic Sucks”, but most everyone knows that. How did humans live before we had navigation systems in the car?


I had a really great time at North Point and I met some great folks. I’m definitely looking forward to Catalyst Conference in October and would definitely go back to Catalyst One Day…even thought I’m not a church leader.