What if Your Church Could Start Over with Technology?

If there is one thing that I’m surprised about as we continue to serve churches, it’s the number of folks that are unhappy with their current technology. Countless times I’ve spoken with customers and church leaders who have a laundry list of complaints with their current “IT” situation.

Many times it’s just about one particular piece of outdated membership management software. Other times it’s simply the challenge that comes with having too many tools adopted. On top of all this is the pressure to get involved in social media and enhance communication among their members.

So what is the silver bullet? What would the perfect church technology tool look like? Is it even possible?

Here are just 5 things that I think churches are looking for in technology:

  1. SIMPLE. Simple membership management for example. Less features.
  2. Private communication tools; NOT private social networking tools.
  3. Technology that enhances real relationships somehow.
  4. Tools that empower ministry and group leaders to get organized.
  5. Reporting on member activity.

Do you agree? Please add more in the comments!