What is MemberHub?

We’re all so busy! Our families are always on the move. We’re affiliated with clubs, associations, churches, sports leagues and non-profit organizations. And our kids are busy too. They go to schools and are involved in extra curricular activities at school, play in various youth sports leagues, go to camp and are boy scouts and girl scouts.

Imagine if all the organizations that you’re affiliated with used a website in such a way that you could login to this website and ultimately see a combined calendar of all your families events? As your organizations put events on their calendars you see them on your calendar. All the practices, games, banquets. All the meetings, services and schedules in one place. Imagine if the organization could instantly communicate with all the members via email and text messaging. And what if you could also use this website to communicate to folks at the organization and even the other members. This is the vision we have for MemberHub.

MemberHub is a self-service membership management and collaboration tool for organizations and their members. We will be using this blog to give updates on MemberHub’s development progress, new features, and general announcements. Additionally, this blog will discuss issues related to the membership management needs of organizations and anything related to needs of the members.

We are currently in a private beta and will move into a public beta by the end of September.

Much, much more to come…