Whiteboards Enhancements

We’ve made some small tweaks to the Whiteboards feature. Nothing too fancy, but very much needed. As a reminder, Whiteboards are an easy way for groups to create simple signup sheets, brainstorm ideas on a particular topic, or to post additional information for members of their hub. Whiteboards have version tracking and members can edit the whiteboard content or leave a comment at the bottom.

Whiteboard Reminders

One of the most popular ways that Whiteboards are used is “virtual signup sheets”. Often signup sheets are time-sensitive in that they’re tired to an event that members of the group need to signup for. Many users found themselves sending out a Discussion or Announcement to remind members about a Whiteboard signup. We’ve made it much easier for you to send out a reminder. There’s now a link at  the bottom of a Whiteboard that allows you to quickly send an email reminder with a personal message and link to the whiteboard. Just click the link to reminder members!


A Wider View

When we created the Whiteboards feature we intentionally created a generic collaboration tool. It’s been fun to learn about all the creative ways this wiki-like feature has been used. They can be signup sheets, notes, documents or blog posts. Now you have 33% more room to continue the creativity. Enjoy the extra space!

Easier to Edit

One usability issue we realized was affecting a lot of users was the location of the Edit button. It was only at the bottom, so as a whiteboard got longer, it was harder to find that Edit button. A simple improvement was to add the Edit button to the top too. We also changed it from blue to grey so it blends into the background better.


So, how does your group use Whiteboards?