Would It Be Dangerous If the Church “Caught Up” Technologically?

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Undoubtedly, the church has always lagged behind the marketplace with regards to technology. Generally speaking, it could be years before a popular new service, product, or widget becomes widely used and implemented by churches. Is this by design or does the church need to “get with it” when it comes to technology?

I recently caught up with John Saddington, aka Human3rror, who suggests that the gap between the rate at which the church adopts technology versus the rate at which the marketplace adapts technology is “God’s grace”. He went on to say “let the marketplace do their thing and when they get bored with it [new technology] let us then adopt it and use it wisely”.

I, for one find this surprising coming from John, who says that “whatever servicing the church through technology looks like; that’s what I want to do”. He is recognized as one of the industry thought leaders when it comes to technology. ChurchCrunch, John’s well-known blog, has the tagline: Exploring the Intersection of Technology and the Church. He is also the Creative Web Director as North Point Ministries, one of the front-runners when it comes to technology, media and online strategy within the church. Logic would suggest that these influences would drive a passion for faster adoption of techonology in the church.

What do you think about this? Should the church strategically place itself 2-3 years behind the marketplace with adopting technology? Even more, is the “chasm between the adoption rate of technology between marketplace and the church a movement of God?”