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MemberHub was originally created with member-based organizations in mind. Hence the copy below from an older page on our website. Over the years we felt that the marketplace of vendors offering that technology was saturated and our customer base began pulling us into specific markets.

MemberHub is still used by a number of member-based organizations and you can certainly use MemberHub as a simple membership management platform. However, as of January 2014, we are focusing our marketing and development efforts towards schools.

That being said, we would love to learn about your specific membership management needs. It’s possible that we will focus on member-based organizations again in the future.

Please fill out the form to the right and tell us about your specific software needs. If there is a hole in the marketplace, we want to be aware of it. We also love to hear from people and learn about their search for the best software.

Simple Membership Management

Effective membership management means more than tediously maintaining a member database or spreadsheet. MemberHub helps organizations connect with their members enabling them to keep their information up-to-date, and encouraging collaboration.

  • Member Profiles: Allowing members to manage their own profile ensures that organizations and members have access to accurate and up-to-date information.
  • Search People: Simple searching makes it easy to narrow down the membership listing and perform actions on a select group of people.
  • People Actions: After selecting member records, administrators can add members to a hub, send e-mail or text messages, add tags, and more.
  • Tag Members: Administrators can add tags to member profiles, helping them group people and filter their membership list with ease.
  • Track Custom Information: Organizations can easily keep track of special information about members, like member ids, dates, or interests.

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