Running a PTA is Hard Work

We help PTAs communicate with parents, increase involvement, and build membership through our all-in-one software platform that provides everything your PTA needs to thrive.
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With MemberHub, Your PTA will:

Have one easy login for all communications

Strengthen communications with parents and the rest of your school community

Receive online payments for dues and other items

Manage all PTA good standing requirements and officer changes

Use signups for volunteer time slots or needed items with built in reminders

Email and/or text targeted audiences from everyone to one class to one person

Share files and photos in a secure environment

Organize your school calendar and automate event reminders

Access a private online school directory

Raise money for your PTA with SponsorShare

Install the MemberHub app on your smartphone for info on the go
When your PTA leaders turn over, we’re still here!



MemberHub has all of the features you need and none that you don't.

Find Out What Other PTAs Already Know

Many other PTAs across the country are currently using MemberHub. Some of them have been using the platform for four school years already. They keep coming back because they love us…and the software too.

See Why the Lacy Elementary PTA Loves MemberHub

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Olds Elementary
Underwood Elementary
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Lacy Elementary

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MemberHub, exactly?

MemberHub is your one-stop online solution for parent communications and PTA member management.

We provide you with a secure online location where parents and teachers can access private group “hubs” (one hub per classroom, grade, or whatever arrangement makes sense for your school) and communicate back and forth, send newsletters, post volunteer signups, manage calendars and events, schedule reminders, share files and more.

How much will this cost?

Your PTA has options when it comes to using MemberHub. There are free options and even a way to actually raise money for your PTA.

You can contact MemberHub to learn more.

How does it work?

Check out our 3-minute demo video for a quick overview of how MemberHub works. If you want more info, click here to schedule a call at your convenience and we’ll be happy to walk you through specific features and answer any questions you might have.

Why does our school need something like this?

If your school is like many we know, parents and teachers are constantly battling information overload – notices, alerts, permission slips, general updates, calendar changes, and more.

Worse still, it’s coming at you from all directions – hard-copy sheets, texts, email updates, and disjointed online groups. Everyone seems to be using a different tool and oftentimes you don’t know who knows what, or whether you’ve gotten the most current information. This can add a great deal of time, uncertainty, and stress to parents’ and teachers’ already-overflowing plates.

MemberHub cuts through the clutter by providing a single, streamlined system for parents and schools to communicate back-and-forth. Everyone is always on the same page and fully updated on the important stuff. Even more, parents and teachers get comfortable using the same communication tool year after year.

MemberHub also makes it easy to set up 100% secure online payments as well as private online photo galleries and files for individual classes within a school – great for sharing accomplishments and building a true sense of school community.

Want to talk to a satisfied MemberHub parent or teacher about the benefits they’ve experienced with us? We’re happy to set that up for you; just click here to contact us!

We print too much paper. Can MemberHub help with this?

Absolutely! Schools using MemberHub tell us all the time that their need for paper notices, calls for volunteers, and so forth have gone way down – everything they need is online (rather than crumpled in a student cubby or backpack). MemberHub often pays for itself in savings from reduced paper and printing costs.

We’re all so busy already; is MemberHub just one more thing I’m going to need to worry about managing?

Not at all – both parents and teachers at our MemberHub schools tell us how much time and effort MemberHub saves them. Dealing with multiple apps for one school x however many schools you’re associated with adds up to a lot of time and confusion.

Teachers may not want “another tool” but when the parents start using it, the teachers will see how useful MemberHub is and start using MemberHub in lieu of other communication software. Then things really get centralized!

Or, you can talk to an actual MemberHub user directly about the great benefits their school is getting! Just click here and we’ll put you in touch.

It’s So Easy to Get Started

Contact us to schedule a free, no-pressure, 15-minute demo with one of our team members. We’ll be happy to walk you through MemberHub and answer any questions you may have.

If your state PTA is partnered with MemberHub you do not need to sign up for a trial site. There’s a site already being built for you.

Contact us for your Trial Site

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