Email Sponsor Program

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    • Almost no work required
    • Simply email your parents and local businesses
    • 84% profit margin
    • We supply your PTA with all forms and email templates
    • Sponsor spots are good for a full year
    • PTA has first right to purchase all 12 spots before MemberHub sells them*
      (*Two additional spots are reserved by MemberHub for national sales.)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do local businesses purchase a sponsorship?

Businesses can sign up and submit artwork on the link supplied in the email templates that you receive from MemberHub.

How do advertisers upload their banner artwork?

If the advertiser has purchased banner spot(s) from your PTA, the advertiser can upload their artwork using the Artwork Upload.

How does my PTA get paid?

Businesses will be send information on your payment preferences once they sign up. We suggest that your PTA accept checks and credit card payments, but you can choose which payment method works best for your PTA.

How long can my PTA purchase the banner spots for?

When your PTA purchases banner spots, those spots are yours to sell until July 31 of the current school year. If you want to renew for the next school year, please contact MemberHub.

What if a business signs up for a sponsorship, but doesn’t pay our PTA?

We will not run an ad from a business until they pay your PTA.

What kinds or businesses should our PTA approach for Sponsorship?

After school and day cares, tutors, doctors, camps, and any other family friendly businesses are great ideas to approach for Sponsorship.

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