10 Reasons Your School Needs MemberHub

10 reasons your school needs memberhubIn conjunction with our August Teacher Appreciation Month Contest we wanted to help schools better understand how they can benefit from using MemberHub. Here are just 10 (actually 11) reasons why your school needs to be using our communication tools.
  1. Save on paper costs and go green.
  2. Managing email lists becomes easy.
  3. Parents will LOVE the text messages.
  4. Online signups with Whiteboards save money.
  5. Family engagement will be greatly improved.
  6. Communication will become your school’s strong point.
  7. Your staff will all use the same communication tools.
  8. You can stop spending time remembering to send reminders.
  9. Sharing photos on popular social networking sites is not safe.
  10. You’re tired of answering the same questions over and over.
  11. Checkout https://memberhub.com/schools for much more!