The Book Bag Monster: The School Communication Nemesis

Book Bag“Oops! I forgot to give you that…” The infamous words from your child’s mouth that describe the devilish disappearing act in which the school book bag performs weekly. A distant cousin to the sock-eating dryer, the book bag is a deep and dark hole where endless papers, newsletters and forms fill its void. But is the book bag really to blame? Is it the child, or is it the school?

This is certainly not a condemnation of little Johnny, but an eight-year-old is clearly not a reliable vector for his medical form, or at least that is what history tells us. Let us recognize the necessity of a steadfast means to communication.

The ‘Go Green’ movement that has swept the world seems to have yet to saturate the school system; perhaps it’s blinded by the delusive book bag monster. Of course there are weapons the can battle our infamous opponent.

MemberHub offers a safe and private internet communication portal, perfect for schools of any size. Whether you need to communicate amongst staff, parents or both, emails, text messages, discussion boards, sign ups, directories, and photo sharing are combined into one simple tool. MemberHub runs on the efficiency of a large corporation, but provides the support of a mom-and-pop shop.

To get some help with our marketing content, we asked a teacher that’s currently using MemberHub how she thought we could best demonstrate the benefits of our software. She suggested asking some rhetorical questions:


  • Did you find that important note you sent home to your student’s parents crumpled in the bottom of his backpack?
  • Are you frustrated with the time it takes to e-mail a large group of parents and wait for replies?
  • Do you spend alot of time answering questions that were already addressed in that note you sent home?

So what are your answers to those questions? Together we can put an end to the terrible book bag monster and all that is ineffective communication. Sign up for a free 30 day trial today. We’re here to help, and can’t wait to speak with you soon. :).