Family Views are Back – Ready for the Online Directory

MemberHub has always been family-oriented. The original design required that members setup their online family. When families were setup correctly, hub administrators had the option of grouping members in a hub by family. For a while this served fine as an online family directory. However, there was some challenges with the original design that didn’t quite lend itself to an intuitive setup process. So we ripped it all out. But now families are back.

We’ve given the responsisbily to administrators to group people into families. The approach is more intuitive and we’ve dropped the “invite” process that was once required to add a person to your family.

Watch the video above to learn how administrators can build families in their organization. And read the support article for more details on Setting up Families.

Next, we will release a full-page Online Directory for your entire organization. It will be searchable and printable and of course, grouped by family, should you setup families in your organization.