How Many Logins do You Have?

As MemberHub continues to grow and more organizations and small groups begin to see the benefits of Collaborative Membership Management (CMM), one thing is clear: member-driven organizations are using a lot of different software tools. And their members are feeling the pain.

Many organizations are trying new tools and their members are getting frustrated as they ask them to adopt a new online software solution to their ever-growing demand to use technology for various purposes. This all comes on top of the logins that members are forced to use for Facebook, LinkedIN, portal websites and the slew of other online applications that require a username and password.

Churches, schools, assoications and non-profits alike see the need to manage their membership but also create community for their members. Some tools do a great job at membership management and are packed full of features that frankly, many organizations will never use. Others are social networking applications that help the members feel connected, but they lack membership features like dues, donations and online registrations. Is there a balance? Is there a silver bullet?

We certainly believe that MemberHub and CMM will be the wave of the future for member-driven organizations. Our passion is creating usable software. And we want to bring it to the thousands of organizations across the world (we’ll start with the US ;o) that need easy-to-use, easy-to-get started and AFFORDABLE software.

We have suggestions coming in left and right. Keep them coming and grow  your organization with us!