How Technology Can Keep Your School Volunteers Engaged

I read an excellent article a while back on the importance of nonprofits keeping their volunteers engaged. One of the statistics that really caught my eye was this one:

Nonprofits rely heavily on volunteers, but most CEOs do a poor job of managing them. As a result, more than one-third of those who volunteer one year do not donate their time the next year—at any nonprofit. That adds up to an estimated $38 billion in lost labor. To remedy this situation, nonprofit leaders must develop a more strategic approach to managing this overlooked and undervalued talent pool.

$38 billion…wow. I don’t have actual numbers, but I’m willing to bet that this problem exists in all types of organizations, including schools. It’s vitally important that you keep parents involved, active, and engaged in order for them to stay motivated.

Do you have a “strategic approach,” as the article recommends, to manage and coordinate your parent volunteers? If not, it’s likely that many of their – and your – efforts are being wasted. Even worse, as the article suggests, a lack of engagement can mean a lack of continued parent volunteering. This is something that no school wants to experience!

Here at MemberHub, we believe that technology can help with the parent volunteer management and engagement process in the following ways:

  • It keeps everyone informed and ensures that vision and goals are shared
  • Communication channels are clear and everyone knows how to reach the group and each other
  • Volunteers feel more connected and have a greater sense of community
  • It encourages participation and sharing of ideas, which leads to refinement of objectives
  • Instant communication between participants’ smartphones can save time, confusion, and frustration

These are just a few examples. How is technology helping your school communicate better and more effectively with its parent volunteers? And what can we do to help?

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