How To Give Your School Sponsors Visibility – 16 Ideas

We’ve been talking a lot lately about the value of sponsorship arrangements at your elementary school, as well as the best ways to secure sponsors. Once you’ve gotten those partnerships in place, you might consider how to give your school sponsors visibility in order to drive an excellent return on their investment? By giving them solid exposure where best makes sense for your school, of course!

Here are 16 ideas for giving your sponsors high visibility at your school:

1. Sponsor logos on school mugs, hats, T-shirts, and anything else your school store sells.

2. Customized messages in school-wide emails…with links back to their website!

3. Guest posts on your school blog that are of interest to your school community and tie in with what your sponsor does (for example, maybe a post about family dinners from the food store down the street).

4. Booths at events

5. “Patron” status for school plays and musical events

6. Sponsor logos on sports fields and uniforms – and don’t forget the pep band’s uniforms!

7. Sponsor logos on school-owned vehicles (including maintenance vehicles – riding lawnmower, anyone?)

8. Sponsored theme meals in the cafeteria

9. Sponsored animal at a local wildlife preserve or zoo, if your school’s mascot happens to live there.

10. Donation nameplates on tablets, equipment, furniture, or anything else you were able to purchase through your sponsor’s generosity

11. Quarterly or monthly press joint press release distributed to local media outlets and shared on social media

12. Sponsor logo stickers on students’ evening take-home folders

13. Dedicated sponsors’ page or sidebar on your school website, possibly in conjunction with your PTO page

14. Rotating “thank you” marquee board, either inside or outside your school

15. Sponsors’ “wall of fame”

16. Prominent thank-you banners and table toppers at all relevant events

We hope we’ve given you some ideas to start with, but the sky’s the limit! Remember, the key to a successful sponsorship arrangement is one that provides value for both sides. So put your thinking cap on and get creative! There’s almost no end to the ways you can tastefully yet effectively promote your sponsors at your school.