Main Calendar – New Feature

Main Calendar Add Event

We have made an enhancement to the combined calendar feature in MemberHub. When you’re logged into MemberHub there is a Calendar link at the top. This Calendar has always served as just a read-only view of events from all the hub calendars that you’re a member of. For example, if you are in the Facility Team Hub and Worship Team Hub at your church, you’ll see events from both of those group calendars. You can adjust which color the events show up in, but this “combined calendar” has been read-only; until now.

Administrators can now add events right to the new “Main Calendar” and these events will be visible to everyone in the portal regardless of which calendar they’re on. You can think of this as your organization-wide calendar. This is a perfect place to put events that are pertinent to the entire organization, not just a specific hub/group.

Main Calendar Feature

By default, only Administrators will be able to add events to the Main Calendar. However, by accessing the Features page inside the organization wide settings tab, administrators can choose to allow everyone in the portal to add events to the Main Calendar. Of course administrators will always be able to edit and delete ALL events. Members who add events to the Main Calendar will only be able to edit events that they’ve added themselves.

Lastly, all users have new options on their profiles where they can adjust their Main Calendar notification preferences. Simply click on the Profile link at the top when you’re logged in.

Main Calendar Notifications

We realize that the calendar, with its automatic event reminders and iCal feeds is one of most popular and time-saving features in the system so we plan on continuing to improve its usefulness.

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