Make It Simple for People To Serve (Member Engagement Idea 4 of 10)

Volunteer Sign-Up SheetYou need your members, volunteers and constituents to serve, right? The easier you make it for them to find information about an event and signup the more likely it will be to get them engaged and giving back. It might be a large event where you need several volunteers or it may just be a snack party where you need parents to signup to bring something. People want to serve…but many times, they just don’t know how to signup. So make it simple!

Make the Signup Process Simple

You’ve been there before. You attempt to signup for something and you’re greeted by 2 page, 25-field form. Bleh! People don’t have time for that. Sure you might need to get that information from them, but can it wait? Can you just get them to commit and put their name down? Remember the good ‘ole days when someone would pass around a piece of paper and you’d just put your name on it? Actually that still happens at my church all the time. You know what though? It rocks! Cause I know after church all I have to do is put my name down and someone will follow up with me to get more information. The point is…there was low commitment for me to just say ,”hey, count me in!”. Even a virtual signup sheet is helpful. Many of our customers use Whiteboards for simple signups and it’s perfect for small to medium size groups. Just put your name down.

A Few Volunteers? Use Your Personal Calendar

For some events there is a need for just a few volunteers in which case you can use a simple RSVP-type tool. If you happen to have all the email addresses of the people you’d like to target you can use your personal calendaring software. Use Outlook, Apple iCal, or GMail Calendar to email an event invitation to them. Have you ever noticed that when you add an event to your personal calendar software, there is the “Invitees” section? Check that out sometime. Simply adding a few email addresses will ensure that both you and your select few others will be reminded of upcoming event in a timely fashion and you’ll ensure that they’re “signed up” :).

Large Events? Use Bigger Tools

Other times you may need to garner the attention of as many people as possible. In this case you can use broad event registration tools to help manage signups and you should make sure to use social networks to get the word out about the service opportunity. If you have lots of events, then there are several event management tools available to choose from. Eventbrite is one of the more common tools for just event registration.


So, how simple are you making it for volunteers to signup? I know it’s not always that easy, but could you make it easier than it is now? Are you using software to help make it simple? Please share!