MemberHub is now in Beta! Beta version is now available to the public.  We recieved some great feedback and suggestions from our 3 month private beta. A big thank you to the MemberHub community that has participated in the private beta.  Keep the feedback coming!

If you’re reading this and have not signed up, then what are you waiting for? Create a hub for your team, sports league, church, club, committee, camp, class, outing or event. MemberHub has many great features to enhance collaboration amongst members of an organization or group.

Up until now, our development efforts have been focused on communication tools for organizations and their members. The MemberHub team is now shifting focus to organizations and membership management tools. For example, we’re working on features to create online registrations, collect fees and place join requirements on registrations. Features like this and the ability to instantly communicate with their members via e-mail and text messaging (while also connecting the members with each other) will save organizations time and money and enrich their members experience with their organization.

New stuff to check out:

  • The Bulletin Board has been enhanced and renamed to Discussions 
  • Hubs now have an e-mail address. Sending an e-mail to this address creates a new Discussion (Hub Admins, see your Hub Settings)
  • Replies to e-mails from Discussions creates a comment on that discussion
  • Family Members section has been completely redesigned and improved
  • Users can now be Family Admins and manage a complete profile for each family member
  • When adding new family members the option is now there to send them an e-mail to ensure that users do not create separate families in the system
  • Users can grant login privileges to other family members
  • The Members listing in hubs has been redesigned and improved
  • You can now send an e-mail directly to another member or a Hub Admin from the members listing page
  • The Members listing now show a “proxy” icon for all children so that you know that all communications will be with a parent.  
  • You can now set your time zone on the “My Profile” page.
  • Other enhancements based on user feedback

Please use the links in the footer of all pages after logging in to give us feedback, report bugs, or request assistance of any kind. 

Please share with us the name and contact information of organizations that you believe can benefit from using MemberHub. You can use the Feedback form in MemberHub or send an e-mail to Matt at matt.harrell@ or Loren at loren.harrell@

Thank you so much for being a part of the MemberHub Beta!