New Feature: Save Draft Messages

We have released a new feature in MemberHub this week that allows users to save draft messages. This new enhancement comes to the delight of many school communicators who are in charge of sending detailed communications. For example, many schools use our Messages feature for weekly newsletters. Quite often those newsletters have multiple parts for updates from various committees or classroom objectives. Naturally, it might take a few days to piece together the information before a message is ready to be sent.

Rather than using a Word document or some other text editor to build the message and copy-and-paste into MemberHub, you can now start building the message inside MemberHub and just save a draft version of the message. You can make as many edits to the message as you need and no one will see the message (except administrators) and no email will be delivered until the message is posted.

Save Draft Message

This new feature is turned on for everyone. To try it out just:

  1. Go into a hub that you have permission to create a new message in
  2. Click on the Messages links on the left
  3. Click the New Message button on the right and craft your message
  4. Click the Save Draft Button at the bottom (rather than the Post Message button)
  5. When you’re ready click the Post link in the index of message or click Edit to open the message and then click the Post Message button.

Edit Draft Message


Let us know what you think!