New Release

The MemberHub team continues to enhance current functionality and add new features. Perfecting the existing features and implementing new ones every couple of weeks allows us to roll out these changes often. Which in turn allows the team to listen to your feedback, suggestions, and coments about MemberHub and make them available sooner than later! So keep the feedback coming and let us know how you or your organization is using MemberHub.

Adding members from related hubs is now much more useful. We have a group of investors that is currently using MemberHub to enhance communications, share files and feel more connected. They are using sub-hubs for each investment opporutnity so that the men that are interested in one investment opportunity can connect in that hub without including the whole group. Now that the Add Members section has been redesigned the group manager can easily create hubs undeneath the root hub and quickly put members into their own unique space. Very powerful.

Add Members From Related Hubs

Another powerful enhancement is the ability to put requirements on members that are joining a hub. This is useful for organizations who need to create online registrations but only need folks of a certain age group or gender to register. Youth league registration is great for this! Other join requirements include setting a max numbers of users and specifying a date range that a hub is open for joins. Check under the Hub Settings in hubs for which you are an admin.

Hub Join Requirements

Another topic that came up a lot over that last few weeks was our support of Internet Explorer 6.0. Or the lack thereof! After much consideration, we are now fully supporting this browser and while the user experience may not be as nice as that on a more recent browser, we didn’t want to deter corporate America from accessing MemberHub all day long!


Here is a list of other enhancements that are now available:
  • iCalendar and .ics support for hub calendars
  • Activity feed now shows new member joins
  • Admins can now easily add themselves as members
  • Added more integrated help that explains features to new users
We’re now busy designing features for organizations to use MemberHub as a true membership management solution. And we’re also adding some highly requested features to the hub calendar. Stay tuned!