New Signups Feature – The One You’ve Been Waiting For

The long anticipated new Signups feature is here! After months of research, customer interviews, development and testing we have finally released a Beta version of our new and improved Signups feature!

Perhaps the most common need among all our customers is the need to effectively manage volunteer opportunities within the organization. This usually takes the form of signup sheets. Signup sheets for events and service opportunities are literally an everyday thing with schools, churches and nonprofits alike, so we didn’t want to create something that was half-baked.

While there is certainly room to continue enhancing our Signups feature, we feel good about the level of functionality that this early version has.

With MemberHub Signups you can:

  • Create multiple slots for “Items Needed” (food and drink items needed for party)
  • Create multiple slots for “Times Slots”  (like teacher-parent conference slots)
  • Add a response for someone else that cannot respond themselves
  • Message everyone in the hub that has or has NOT actually responded
  • Schedule personalized emails that remind respondents what they’re providing or when their serving
  • It will even send reminders relative to your actually time slot!

We know you’re going to love this new Signups feature. Sure you’ll miss using Whiteboards for signup sheets and there might a new learning curve for folks at your school, but I guarantee this is going to make your school communications efforts more centralized and more efficient!

Lastly, we’re going to keep the “BETA” flag up for a little while. I don’t typically like the approach of saying a feature is in beta (it’s either there or it’s not) but in the case of Signups, there’s just so much “new” about it and we know it’s not perfect yet. In fact we’re counting on you to give us feedback or let us know if you see anything buggy.

To start using Signups, simply access one of your hubs and look for Signups in the Hub Navigation on the left!

Thank you SO much to the handful of schools that have been using this tool for a while now and were willing to give us early feedback so we could iterate a few times before launching to everyone. YOU ROCK!