Online Member Directory: Searchable and Printable Directories

Are people in your organization still calling the office to get someone’s contact information? How much are you paying that person to answer phone calls and look up information?  How much time do your members spend calling in? Do your members know how to reach other? Do you give members access to some sort of online, searchable directory. Is it up-to-date? Can your members edit their information? Can they print it?

If any of these questions raised doubts in your mind, you might be interested in our newest feature, an online member directory.

Online Member Directory

Organizations can now offer their members quick and easy access to their membership database. Once an administrator turns this feature on, there is a link in the top navigation for Directory. The directory is searchable on first name, last name and display name. The listing can also be filtered by the first letter of the last name.

If you’ve grouped your members into families, the directory will automatically show the family views. A family picture can be uploaded and the display will list the family by Head of Household and Spouse and list children (along with age) underneath. Users can then click on the family to see detailed information about each member as well as access each member’s profile.

Family View in Directory

Setting up families in MemberHub is easy and it helps to create a richer experience with the directory for family-oriented organizations like churches.

The Rodrigues Family in Online Directory