Organization Screenshots

With the latest release of users can take advantage of membership management features and get a feel of the MemberHub to come. In the last post we introduced the concept of organizations in MemberHub and provided an explanation of how we got to where we are in the application. Now you might be wondering what is all the “organizations in MemberHub” about, what is the Early Adopters Program? and what do these new features look like? Well  here are some screen shots of what’s available in the latest release for those who are ready to get started with MemberHub for organizations.

When users create an organizations (not just a hub) in MemberHub, they open up the door to membership management. Currently, users have to sign up for the Early Adopters Program to create an organization. Let’s take a look at what you’ll see when you do create your organization.

The first noticeable difference for existing users is on their dashboard. The “Your Hubs” section on the left has been changed to read “Organizations & Hubs”. 

Organizations in MemberHub can contain as many hubs as they need. For example a religious organization can have a hub for each ministry or an association can have a hub for all the members and another for just the staff. Hubs which you are affiliated with that are owned by an organization are listed under that organization heading. Hubs that you are affiliated with that are not owned by organizations (free hubs) are underneath the “Other Hubs” heading. 

If you are the account owner or administrator for an organization in MemberHub you will see a “Manage” link beside that organization. The “Manage” link takes you into the organization view which opens up an entirely new layout.

This is where membership management functionality for the organization is exposed. Currently there are four tabs in the organization layout. A Home tab, a People tab, a Hubs tab and tab for various Settings. The Home tab serves as the organization dashboard. Ultimately this page will contain tables and charts to track membership, shortcuts to various tasks and general important information. Recent activity across all the organization’s hubs will give admins a glimpse into what’s happening in their organization.

The People tab contains a record of each and every member in every hub owned by the organization. Organizations admins can access the profile of every member and with the next release will be able to perform actions on those members. For example, you might select 10 members and then put them into an existing or new hub. 

The Hubs tab contains a records of each and every hub that is owned by the organization. You can access the hubs from the tab and create new hubs for you organization. 

The Settings tab is where administrative functions for the organizations can be performed. For example adding new organization admins, change your MemberHub subscription plan and update any general information (like mailing address) about the organization. 

Over the next few months, these and many more features will be added to MemberHub. Administrators will be able to use “tags” to associate keywords with people and hubs in their organization. The People tab will also have powerful filter and search capabilities as well as the ability to manually add new people who haven’t signed up with MemberHub.

As new features become available we will update this blog, so come back.