Are Public Schools Teaching Our Kids to Aim Low?

I recently ran into a post with excerpts from best selling author, Seth Godin on the public education system. In the video Mr. Godin asserts that the public school system in America is teaching children to “aim low”.

Consider his comment:

This is why so many people who call themselves entrepreneurs really aren’t. This is why it’s so difficult for somebody to start a business that really grows. It’s why every time we look at 6-yr old, or a 8-yr old or a 12-yer old, what we’re seeing is someone whose been trained over and over and over again to push for smaller assignments…to figure out how to hand stuff in at the very last minute…to, whenever possible, go for the inch instead of the mile.

Mr. Godin raises many tough questions:

  • Are public schools really teaching kids to just stay in line instead of dream big?
  • How do we teach our kids to be artistic and measure their progress?
  • Would America have more “real” entrepreneurs if we home-schooled?
  • Is the public school system to blame for all the anger behind Occupy Wall Street?
Okay, so that last question is a doozy and we should leave that for another post, perhaps on a personal blog somewhere.

I’ve got to say, Mr Godin’s comments left so many questions for me personally because I’m a father of young children, a product of the North Carolina public school system, and an aspiring entrepreneur (Yes, I’m the co-founder of MemberHub).

Naturally, I started to think about a solution and luckily Mr. Godin provides insight on how we can address this issue in another video clip. Lucky me, I did’t have to really apply myself to figure it out (I’m aiming low here). Can you guess what the answer is?

bird teaching

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Lisa Nielsen, of The Innovative Educator (a fabulous resource for any ECE specialist), sums up that second video quite nicely in her post titled Seth Godin Discusses Failure of Education Model.

Godin explains that it wouldn’t take very many passionate parents to start schools down the right path. Parents just need to realize that they and their children own the learning and they are not the property of the government.
Yes, yes, this makes sense. It starts with parents. It starts at home. It starts with families! No one denies the importance of parents role in children’s education, well-being and faith. This isn’t news to anyone. But how do our schools and churches foster more parent involvement? How do we keep parents involved? How can involved parents maximize their efforts?

shuttle launch collaboration

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We need to

  1. Maximize the communication channels among teachers and parents.
  2. Centralize collaboration efforts across platforms.
  3. Create opportunity for feedback and ideas.
  4. Practice what we preach and dream big for our kids!
  5. Get organized with how we do all of this.
What do you think? Please share your reactions to Seth Godin’s words on the education system in the comments below.


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